A Winter Holiday in France


Think winter, think snow-capped mountains, steaming mugs of hot chocolate by the slopes, eclectic partying at la Folie Douce or even improving your ice-skating skills. If you are a winter lover, then you are going to find your paradise at cozy alpine resorts that promise a memorable holiday.

The excitement begins end- November onwards. While villages and cities bedeck themselves with Christmas decoration and lights, ski resorts gear up to welcome its riding/sliding fans and those enamoured by the mountains.

The first snowfall has arrived and spread its white blanket over mountain summits. Hotels are back in business again, waiting to welcome visitors into their cosy settings – wooden walls and comfy fur sofas by the fireplace. Ski lifts put things and skiers in motion, once the snowfall has come and the slopes have opened. Ski shops have stocked up on brand new skis, snowboards and other winter gear. Apres-ski preparations are in full swing by this time with bars firming up their artist list and ready to host electrifying parties of the season on the slopes.  Your perfect alpine adventure is waiting to take-off!

If you are the sorts who want to be among the first to experience fresh snow on the French Alps at best rates, then we recommend you avoid the holiday period. Here is when you should plan that alpine holiday to la belle France:

06th of January to 8th of February 2020

9th of March until the closing of the season mid-May 2020


More dates and details on: On the Snow

A Winter Holiday in France

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