Why corona shouldn’t block your client’s vacation?

Are your clients wondering whether they should travel to Europe? Are you unsure about what the current situation in France is? Are you wondering if it is dangerous, or not, to send clients to Europe?

Even if the spread of the Corona virus can not be predicted, we are able to analyze what is the current situation, monitor it from up close, and provide advices accordingly.

At this stage, we at Beau Voyage, do not see any danger to travel to Europe and here is why:


Impact of Coronavirus

Globally, Corona virus has shown its mark over 100 countries. In France, specifically, 12 cases have been reported in the first wave at the beginning of February out of which 11 made a full recovery and have since been discharged from hospital. During the second wave, in later half of February, around 178 are suspected and undergoing treatment. It's early days yet and some countries have been more rigorous at testing than others, but the World Health Organisation is saying that current data shows a roughly two percent mortality rate for Coronavirus.

Corona virus disease or COVID-19 was first reported from Wuhan, China, on 31 December 2019. Chinese authorities have done their best to keep the city quarantined. In France, there are 48 new cases confirmed this week.

Corona virus is new, but not more dangerous than a normal flu!

Let us hear what the specialists say. Professor Christian Chidiac, Doctor and the head of the infectious and tropical disease ward at the Hospital Croix-Rousse in Lyon says that the mortality rate is far lower for Corona virus than the Ebola Virus.
France is at its strongest now tackling the virus, its spread and taking care of those suspected or affected. Patients with confirmed or suspected Corona virus infections are isolated in rooms equipped with an airlock and recycled air, while the hospital personnel treating them wear special masks and scrubs. Extra measures required for Ebola, including specialized clothing and negative-pressure rooms, aren't necessary for corona virus, since it's a much less dangerous disease, Chidiac says. Most of the travelers who are suspected and reached France, have been quarantined and treated well ensuring safety of others.

How is France geared up?

As a travel agent, we care about your client's safety and health. Our research has shown great positivism about how France has braced itself for tackling the virus, both in terms of measures to treat patterns and those to avoid the virus spreading. French health authorities have also increased the nation's capacity to treat patients:

  • 108 hospitals to be equipped to receive Coronavirus patients
  • 200 million extra masks ordered
  • Respective Mayors have received an information kit for their constituencies

Measures taken by the government include creating a specialized reception service for travelers coming from affected countries at international airports, coordinating communication among hospitals and healthcare workers, and establishing clear action plans for various scenarios. France's rigorous systems may be responsible for keeping the virus at bay and may differ from those in Italy, Chidiac says.

All major events (hosting more than 5000) that are vulnerable to the spread of Corona virus have been cleared, but the major tourist spots like public places and monuments are still functional like it had been before.

Prime Minister Edourd Philippe says "There is no need to panic, but don't be negligent,"

The French government has set up a “green number” that people can call for any non-medical corona virus-related questions. The line will be open all week from 8am until 9pm.

Helpline number is 0800130000. There are also daily updates on its website here.

No reason to panic!

Be safe from all the fake news and scam that has been reported. Criminals are disguising themselves as WHO officials to steal money or sensitive information. WHO have already made its steps to create awareness against it. Read more about it here 

There has been no serious travel restrictions or official rules for Europe imposed by Indian Government authorities on the wake of Corona virus scare. Well equipped medical facilities and safety precautions still help shine the security of Europe. The restrictions placed by the government are for travel to South Korea, China, Iran and Italy. Specific requests can also be put if you have strong reasons to visit these countries.

Beau Voyage is by your side to accompany you during the Corona virus period

We are in regular touch with all local French tourism boards, Indian Embassy and Government authorities to have the most recent data and information which will help you make an informed decision, for your clients to stay safe. Our email is highly responsive to all your queries!

Beau Voyage ensures security to all your travelers entrusting us. Looking at the current situation, we can understand that your clients can be a little reluctant to book a trip to Europe. That is why we have decided to adjust our cancellation policy, until the virus is under control. We offer a free cancellation policy*, in case of serious virus infection prior to travel, enabling your customers to do the activities that have been planned for them due to sites' closure. The worst case scenario, we will take care of personalised assistance to the travelers if they are diagnosed.

Sharing a few hygiene tips with your clients for their travel

There is no vaccine yet for Corona virus so French officials are advising people to practice good basic hygiene to keep themselves protected.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly and often with soap and water, especially after coughing and sneezing or before eating or if you have been touching surfaces that many other people will have touched such as on the Metro.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth, especially with unwashed hands.
  • Cover your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing. Cover your mouth with your elbow when coughing.
  • Use disposable tissues and throw them away after use.
  • Clean off surfaces with alcohol- or chlorine-based disinfectants.

So, with all the rumours around, France and Europe are ready for your clients to have a safe and sound trip. Corona virus is not a short-term reason for them to cancel their travel plans. France has kept its doors open to all its beauty and its sights.

Reiterating Prime Minister Edourd Philippe: "There is no need to panic, but don't be negligent,"


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Last Updated: March 12, 2020


* We will apply our Cancellation policy "More than 45 days prior to departure" to all cases. Refer to our terms & conditions for more details.

Why corona shouldn’t block your client’s vacation?

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