Curated destinations to visit in Europe during Summer

Thinking of a summer holiday? Then we suggest Europe which is an idyllic destination for a summer escapade… From the mountains to the sea, from the cities to charming villages… each country has its own special USP and here is our selection of a few destinations that could make the cut for your next summer in Europe!

Corsica: Between paradisiacal beaches and mountains

Corsica - View of Bonifacio from the cliffsThe lesser known island of Corsica (made famous by Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone’s Tamasha) is nestled in the South of France and is accessible by air or also by boat from Nice or Marseille (overnight cruise). Once on the island, let Corsica charm with you with its landscapes and the laid-back vibes of the island life. Whether you like mountains or beaches, there is something for everyone here! Corsica is full of heavenly beaches made special with its fine sand and transparent turquoise waters. If you are a water baby, then we recommend a cruise of several days that has you discovering the beauty of the Corsican coastline from the sea.

If active holidays are more your thing, then its to the centre of the island with its numerous mountainous summits that you must head. Some of the treks are reputed to be amongst the most difficult in France.

Apart from this, Corsica is also a collection of perched villages, bordering the sea or nestled in the mountains and also of places steeped in history (Napoleon was probably Corsica’s most famous resident). Foodies needn’t feel left out, especially if you are into your meat!

Lake Como: The Art of Dolce Vita

Como lake - Waterfront - Mariya Georgieva on UnsplashLake Como in Italy pulls out all the stops for its visitors. There’s everything that lures you to visit.  At a few hours’ drive from Milan, we recommend making this your last stop before returning home. Saving the best for the last! This destination is both magnificent and rejuvenating. Think Lake Como, think elegant villas, luxurious gardens, transparent waters that reflect the peak of the majestic mountains…

If you are a fan of Italian culture, then cultural Lake Como is sure to strike a chord with you. Prepare to be captivated by charming villages that border the lake and by the aesthetic beauty of its villas. It is also a destination for those who like adventure and sports. Take your pick from plunging into aquatic activities on the lake to taking off trails in the surrounding mountains.

At the heart of it all, though, Lake Como personifies the Italian Dolce Vita: indulgent walks along the water, relishing an ice-cream, boat rides across the lake, soaking in the architecture, immersing oneself with the landscape and savouring the local gastronomy.

Champagne: an escapade to the land of the bubbly

France - Champagne cellarChampagne is certainly the most-well known wine in the world, and also the most festive. We take you on a journey where you discover the origin of the drink and a few secrets of its production. Located at a few kilometers from Paris, the region of Champagne is easily accessible .You could visit it as a day trip, if pressed for time, or decide to enjoy 2 or 3 days in the region.

During your stay in Champagne, say bonjour to the bubbly at well-known champagne houses. For a more intimate experience, visit a local or often family-run champagne house that also offers a unique tailor-made experience such as a lunch paired with a champagne tasting. Reach new heights in Epernay on the captive balloon that offers scenic views of the surrounding hills covered by vines.

If you have the time, take off on a barge for a scenic cruise along the Marne. On the boat, an expert oenologist shares information on the drink and how best to appreciate your champagne. Let the magic of the French art de vivre work its charm on you!

Prague: Urban life and culture

Czech - Prague - Aerial view of the bridgesIf you’re the types to enjoy a holiday in the city, then Prague ticks all the right boxes for a summer holiday. Capital of the Czech Republic and rich in history, the city stretches along the river Vltava. Your Prague discoveries include a visit of the Jewish Quarter, the royal chateau, walks along the river and crossing the Charles Bridge. Numerous cafes and alleys still guard the footsteps of renowned artists and luminaries such as Mozart and Kafka to name a few. In the Mala Strana district, take a photo in front of the Lennon wall to pay homage to this lead singer of the Beatles.

Prague enjoys temperate climate, which makes your outing here very pleasant, even in summer.

The Balearic Islands: Of turquoise waters and electric evenings

Located at a few kilometres from the Spanish coasts, the Balearic Islands are your perfect holiday hotspots if you are fond of tropical climes and a Mediterranean ambience.

We start with introducing Majorca, the biggest island of this archipelago, which is big hit with tourists for its magnificent beaches, its hikes at the Sierra de Tramuntan and the unspoiled alleys of its main city, Palma. For an offbeat experience, avoid the south coast of the Island which is most frequented by tourists.

Not far from Majorca, its little sister Menorca still remains relatively unknown and untouched by tourist droves. Its beaches are thus more tranquil and also more beautiful than the other islands.

Ibiza, the most well-known is the singular benchmark for partygoers. The electric ambience of the clubs with its magnificent environment make it a dream destination to just have a good time. Buy beyond the night clubs, Ibiza has still preserved its charm. Do not miss the hippie markets that can be found in the little villages of the island.

Formentera is the smallest, the least known and thus the least visited of all the islands. It is only accessible by boat from Ibiza. It boasts of turquoise waters, fine sandy beaches, unspoilt villages and waterfront restaurants.

The Balearic Islands can be accessed by air or boat but for getting around once there, we recommend you hire a car or a scooter.

Curated destinations to visit in Europe during Summer

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