The Bay of Arcachon

Want to suggest a unique getaway in France to your clients this summer ? A destination of landscapes and well maintained traditions, but visited by the elite and connoisseurs ?

Not far from the world-renowned city of Bordeaux, is a small seaside town that has preserved its charm. In Arcachon, visitors are charmed by the beauty of the bay, intoxicated by the waft of the iodine that drifts from the basin and the perfume of its pines…

Visit of Arcachon

Arcachon is an all year round destination which is validated by the names of its districts : spring, summer, autumn and winter.

The summer city unravels along the quays and fine sandy beaches, under tamarisks, in shopping streets, and making a stop at the château now turned into a casino on the beach.

You reach the Park Mauresque and the winter city by taking the elevator which has since replaced the funicular. The park is home to rare plants and magnificent statues. You then take the bridge that brings you to the belvedere which offers a breathtaking 360 panorama. The winter town has you admiring its statesque villas built in the 1860’s, one more beautiful than the other. You venture further to the quaint district of Moulleau, a village in the city, for a well deserved stop at a terrace cafe, your eyes captivated by riveting views of the Pilat sand dune, the Cap Ferret and the Banc d’Arguin.

The spring city joined by the seafront, unveils its opulent houses spread around the Pereire Park upto the jetty and the cross of the sailors.

You finish your discovery of Arcachon with a stroll around the fishing port in the autumn city.


Arcachon Bassin

Arcachon is also a bassin accessible by a traditional boat, known as the pinasse. Along the sedate boat ride, you will notice the island of birds, cabins on stilts, the marvellous reserve of the Banc d’Arquin, the Cap Ferret as well as fishing villages adorned with wooden cabins.

The Basin is also an oyster reserve and thus a paradise for oyster lovers!


The Pilat Dune

Add a perfect end to this gorgeous getaway by climbing the Dune of Pilat – Europe’s highest sand dune. You will be treated to a breathtaking view of the ocean and the beach on one side, and a vast expanse of pines on the other. It’s like a breath of invigorating fresh air and a landscape that will forever be etched in your memory.

Arcachon can be visited as a day trip from Bordeaux. But if your clients have the time, we recommend an overnight, at the very minimum. Contact us to plan your clients’ Arcachon discovery.