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Curated destinations to visit in Europe during Summer

Thinking of a summer holiday? From the mountains to the sea, from the cities to charming villages… each country has its own special USP and here is our selection of a few destinations that could make the cut for your next summer in Europe!

Why shouldn’t corona block your client’s vacation?

Are your clients wondering whether they should travel to Europe? Are you unsure about what the current situation in France is? Are you wondering if it is dangerous, or not, to send clients to Europe? Even if the spread of

Where to vacation this summer in Europe?

Europe has a wide variety of offerings for your summer holidays catering to your interests: beach, culture, cuisines, heritage, mountains, arts…list goes on! So, Keep your eyes on the forecasts as most plans are subject to weather. However, chances are

A Winter Holiday in France

Think winter, think snow-capped mountains, steaming mugs of hot chocolate by the slopes, eclectic partying at la Folie Douce or even improving your ice-skating skills. If you are a winter lover, then you are going to find your paradise

Last Minute Reservations

Summer vacations are here and you will always have last-minute travellers who need your help in planning a perfectly customised holiday in Europe, but of course for tomorrow!Are you overwhelmed with nonstop queries and trying to reply to everyone with