Family Holiday in France

If you are thinking of a family holiday, then France is one of those destinations that offers something for everyone: parents, children and also grand-parents. Combine a bit of everything on your holiday, from amusement parks to outdoor activities, from the sea to the mountains and from culture to nature.

An Offbeat Discovery of Provence with the Family

Camargue jeep safari - Camargue AutrementIf you are visiting Provence between mid-June to mid-July, of course you are going to take a family selfie in the middle of blooming lavender fields. But if you are a family where the explorer gene is dominant, then Provence delights with its experiences best adapted to the young and old alike:

Explore the wild side of the Camargue on a Jeep safari. Experience up, close and personal discoveries of nature, horses, bulls and also well-established traditions in this distinctive rugged region of the South.

Foodies and especially those with a sweet tooth will make a bee-line for the famous Haribo factory situated close to the charming village of Uzes. Learn more about confectionery making and leave with your pocket full of sweet treats!

Make a pit-stop at the iconic Pont du Gard. This architectural marvel can be visited in the traditional way, but satiate that explorer gene with a kayaking experience under the Pont du Gard.

If you are in Provence, then Marseille has to figure in your travel plans. In addition to the vast number of cultural visits that the city offers, discover the famous Mediterranean Coast with a boat ride to the famous Calanques. A boat-ride is always a fun activity enjoyed by the entire family and this one offers an exceptional panoramic view as well!

Letting Loose in the Landes

France - Aquitaine - Surfing girl in BiarritzThe Landes stretch along the Atlantic Coast along the border with Spain. This is an ideal destination for enjoying and letting loose with the family and this destination is popular with the French. Here’s why:

If your children are into sports and adventure, then they can dive right into any water sport activity of their choice. Towards Biarritz and its surrounds, you will find that surfing is king! If you’ve always dreamt of practising this waterboard sport, there is no better time than now! An ideal activity that can be enjoyed en famille.

Discover the towns along the Landes coast that have well preserved their authenticity and their local culture.

If you like immersing yourself in local culture and also a bit of revelry, then plan your holiday around the large number of festivals that take place in the region between May and July. While Bayonne, Dax, Mont-de-Marsan remain the most popular, there are also a few that are organised on a small-scale and are family-friendly. However, do keep in mind that these events are super festive and not recommended for kids below 15.

In the North of the Landes, do not miss a trip to the Dune of Pilat (the highest sand-dune in Europe) and to the Arcachon Bay. A boat ride to the Ile au Oiseaux and a yummy oyster tasting will sure please every tastebud in the family. More information here!

An Adventurous Holiday in the Mountains

France - Auvergne Rhone Alpes - Annecy - Beautiful view of paragliding in Annecy - shutterstockIf you’ve been craving for an action-packed holiday, full of adventures, then it is to the mountains that the family must head. In France, a mountain holiday could be in the Alps or also in the Pyrenees along the Spanish border. Bond with the family over a host of adventure activities that keep the adrenalin pumping.

Hiking opportunities abound aplenty in the mountains. You could even go really offbeat and choose to sleep in the mountains, in a refuge.

If you want to get a bit soaked, then rivers are a happy hunting ground for activities such as rafting, canyoning, kayaking, tubing or even hydro speed. Spend a whole day along the river and add a picnic lunch at the water’s edge to round off the experience.

Enjoy the mountains by being as close as possible to the sky to take in breath taking views of starry nights, a summer specialty!

A Family Vacation in the Royal Countryside of Chantilly

Chantilly-Castle aerial view (3)-Northern France Tourism-J.L.Aubertstay in the royal countryside of Chantilly that is located at a few kilometres from Paris and not far from CDG airport. Combine cultural and historic activities with plenty of entertainment for the children.

The Chantilly Castle, in addition to its architectural beauty, is also a museum that houses a collection of incredible paintings. You can visit the chateau, enjoy its large park to play with the kids or take off for a walk in the forest.

Chantilly is also the capital of the horse. While you can visit the Live Museum of the Horse, you can also take part in an equestrian representation. For the more adventurous, we recommend a horse-ride, adapted to all levels. If racecourses get you excited, then there is a beautiful racetrack and horse races that take place all through the year. Plan a visit, for example, around the time of the Prix de Diane and be a part of one of France’s most elegant sporting events.

Last but not the least, you have the Parc Asterix at a few kilometres. Dive right into the comic book world of Asterix and Obelix and experience exhilarating fun on rides and attractions. A day full of unforgettable memories is promised!

Rest and Relaxation at the Ile de Re

Ré island - Port of Saint-MartinWant a quiet family break, to rest and enjoy the pleasures of French life? Look no further, the Ile de Re beckons! This very well-preserved island is made of a large number of authentic villages, full of white-walled houses and colourful orange-tiled roofs. Flowers have their fair share of space in all the alleyways and its little ports are absolute charmers. On the Ile de Re, vacationers can often be found strolling, but also zooming about on their cycles and passing a lot of time on unspoilt and rugged beaches.

In the quaint town of Saint-Martin, shop for brands and a style that is typically French. Relish one of the finest ice-creams of France while looking out at the boats in the port. Take a tour of the ramparts of Vaubant, the military architect of Louis XIV.