Truly Unique Experiences

Lavender fields in Provence

Truly Unique Experiences

Tailor-made tours to Europe

Royal heritage in Loire Valley

Tailor-made tours to Europe

Discover the best of Europe

Beautiful landscapes in Switzerland

Discover the best of Europe

Design a European Tour with Beau Voyage

Why organise a tour to Europe with Beau Voyage? We can give you many reasons to do so, here are few:

Save time & Money
Hassle-free Organisation
Personalised Services
Truly Unique Experiences

Explore our Travel Destinations in Europe

Europe is teeming with countries, landscapes, cultures, activities and so much more waiting to be discovered. We help you create tailor-made tours across Europe, with unique experiences and carefully chosen accommodation. Explore the tourist favourites such as France, Italy Switzerland, Germany, Spain and many more... Or choose from unusual destinations such as Croatia, Iceland, Czech Republic, Portugal or Sweden.


Lavender fields, wine and romance


Mountain peaks, snow sports and authentic villages


Pizza, fashion and timeless art


Ports, Museums, Chocolates and Waffles


Charming canals, colorful tulip fields and windmills


Vibrant cities, rich cultural heritage and stunning coastlines

Create a Speciality Trip in Europe

We work with you to create the perfect itinerary that matches all your requirements: From a Women Only holiday to trips filled with Adventure, a Dream Honeymoon to finding your own path with a Senior Group... we adjust all our tours to your specific needs to make your European experience truly unique.

Family holidays



Women Tour

Ubran discoveries